The process of Upgrading your Fuseboard to a modern Consumer Unit 

​Swadlincote Electrical can update your Electrical Installation with a modern Consumer Unit which includes RCD protection. Your property will be Inspected & Tested to see how it fairs with the current Electrical Regulations. A New Consumer Unit will then be installed and, if needed, your main earthing, main bonding and meter tails will be updated. The whole process can be completed in a day to ensure minimum disruption. On completion of the work an NICEIC Certificate will be issued to you. The new Consumer Unit will look similar to this one below.

​" How much will it cost to uprgrade my fusebox ? "...let swadlincote electrical give you a competitive quote...

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Fuseboard upgrades (consumer unit) BY SWADLINCOTE ELECTRICAL

The cost of upgrading your fusebox

​As a guide, for a standard 2/3 bedroom house, to upgrade your fusebox only is around £475 which includes materials, labour and NICEIC Certification. If the installation hasn't been touched in a while and it requires the main earth, meter tails, gas and water bonding then as a guide the price it would be around £575. 

Why Should you Update your Fuseboard ?

If your Fusebox looks similar to the one in the image below then its probably time you had it updated to a modern Consumer Unit. The modern units are encased in metal to prevent fire spread, have fast acting and convenient circuit breakers and have the added protection of RCD's (Residual Current Devices) which will trip your electricity quickly in the event of a fault . Along with your Fusebox, it is more than likely that your earthing, mains bonding and meter tails will be outdated to. If this is the case then they will need updating at the same time but if they are up to date then they can be left in place.​

Below are 2 examples of outdated Fuseboards on the left, on the right is an example of undersized main earthing. These are common finds at Electrical Installations which haven't been touched in a while.

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